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After four decades of divorce representation, I believe there is a better way.

I’m Attorney Linda Mariani, and after many years of witnessing the impact of divorce on families, I am encouraging a new approach to divorce mediation that can provide for a peaceful, efficient, fair, personalized and dignified experience. 

Mediation is a private and confidential process and is much more convenient and flexible for both parties, without the rigors and time commitment of court involvement. 

Most couples find divorce mediation to be empowering and are far more likely to comply with the terms of their agreement. Mediation results in a more thorough and practical agreement based on your family’s unique need while having been educated about, and mindful of, the realities of a litigated result.

Divorce need not take a toll on you, and your family.

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What is Divorce Mediation?

In mediation, both parties meet with a neutral third party (the mediator), to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. If mediation proves to be unsuccessful, however, the parties retain the option of litigating their divorce.

Attorney Mariani will explain the criteria that every family court judge must consider in dividing assets and income, and in awarding alimony, child support, and educational support. Based on Attorney Mariani’s experience as a divorce lawyer for more than 40 years, and as a board-certified family law trial advocate, couples will be provided with a range of likely outcomes if the case were to be litigated. Parties should note that this is a deviation from traditional mediation, as mediators generally do not provide the parties with such information. Knowing what a court is likely to do, however, is invaluable to parties in drafting or deviating from that scenario, depending upon their own circumstances.

Couples will be required to provide full financial disclosures with the understanding that the willful withholdings of financial information can serve to invalidate any agreement. Trained family therapists and certified accountants will be brought into the negotiations, only if necessary. All divorce paperwork will be prepared by the law firm of Mariani Reck Lane, LLC.

We help you reach short and long-term agreements and focus on relieving the human toll of divorce.

Why Divorce Mediation?

Modern divorces can take a tremendous financial and human toll on the entire family. The mediation process allows the majority of the divorce or separation process to be completed out of court. This allows parties to resolve their differences with their dignity intact.

The only court appearance required is to have the provisions of the final agreement ordered by the judge. This reporting of the agreement generally takes approximately 15 minutes in court.

The goal of mediation is to achieve a settlement that best represents the needs of both parties and their children. Mediation takes away the underlying threat of litigation and permits the parties to undertake discussions and to analyze information in an unhurried atmosphere.

Our focus is on the parties’ new beginnings, as well as on the perfect resolution.

Who Benefits?

The end of the marriage is about the entire family. What impacts the parents’ impacts sons, daughters, and the extended household. By reducing the stress, animosity or confusion, the mediation process reduces the unnecessary aspects of an already painful process.

Parties with high net worth estates will especially benefit by mediating their divorce for several reasons. First of all, there is no need to duplicate the services required to address parenting plans, asset valuations, business valuations, tax issues, and complex asset distribution. Secondly, all financial information contained in the financial affidavits of both parties is sealed to the public. Such is not the case in a litigated divorce where both parties’ financial information is made available to the public.

Save time and resources. Reduce stress and expenses. Restore and preserve the best of your relationship through the healthy communication and resolution process of mediation.

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Attorney Linda Mariani

With more than 40 years of family law experience, Linda combines in-depth knowledge with client-centered commitment.

She is board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a family law trial advocate. She has been selected annually by her peers for over a decade for inclusion in Woodward White’s ‘Best Lawyers in America’, and in Connecticut’s ‘Super Lawyers’. Linda is the inspiration behind the Parenting Education Program — a required course for all couples pursuing a divorce.

A respected lecturer, she is also a five-time recipient of a certificate of commendation from the state of Connecticut Judicial Department.

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